The way kids feel about themselves definitely starts at home.

The way kids feel about themselves definitely starts at home. There is so much added pressure from school, tv and social media that my generation didn’t really have to deal with. Helping your child pull out their greatness is so important to me especially when they are feeling down about something.  I’ve always been an open book so I share a lot of my experiences with the kids especially if it’s something  similar to what they are dealing with! Just to let them know that they are not the only ones who have experienced the situation.   I’ve heard people say that you shouldn’t be praised for thing you’re supposed to do but I disagree. There’s nothing better than feeling rewarded for staying on top of your job especially as  child. It makes them want to continue doing it. However praise should not only be done with accomplishments, find the good in your children even the small things! When their self esteem is high it definitely improves on their behavior and attitude rather within the home or out!

The other day we were at the pool and the kids took turns seeing how long they can go under the water.. Trinitys time was lower and  she said “ugh I always get the worst times” Back in June Trinity was super scared of the water, hated to be splashed  in the face  and would definitely wouldn’t put her whole face in the water. My poor baby. So the fact that she even is able to stay under the water to me was a huge accomplishment. She  is swimming  and everything . So of course I had to remind her that, its not a bad time for her,  just learning how to go under the water so she can not compare her time frame to Kaydens who has been jumping in water since he could walk (literally). She smiled and “OKAY” the rest of the day she kept trying to get a better time !

My hopes in showing their strengths when faced with an issue will help them build confidence for the future 

when I’m not around to push them.

Below is a list of ways to boost your child’s self esteem 

~ Always give word of praise: be open and descriptive with how you say it, so they exactly what they did!

~Allow them to make decisions according to their age.  For example when I pick out the kids clothes for the week I’d let them pickle 2 of the 3 outfits and or they pick out the shoes. 

~ Give feed back : motivate them to improve in a way that dissent make them feel bad

~ be the example: if you constantly down your self or mope and nag how can your child see the greatness in themselves?? (This one is major)

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