Single mom struggles, raising a son...

I always said I wanted a boy, maybe because I was a tomboy growing up. My love for sports and being rough would come in handy with a little boy! But there are so many concerns I struggle with as a single mom raising a man!

Kayden and I are super close and YES he’s a mommas boy, it’s cute now since he’s 8 but I don’t want him to be stuck under me once he gets older.. NO WOMAN wants a “Mommas Boy” As his mother I do my best to make sure when he grows up that he will always be a gentleman and respectful. But there are just some things as a mother that I can not show him.

Raising him as a single mom has its disadvantages but we make it work! I think the first struggle I encountered was potty training! Yea in the beginning he was sitting on the pot but as he got older he needed to stand lol... I can’t show him how to do that at all. Of course it worked out but ohhhh baby it would have been much easier for a man to show him, and teach him the after shake. 🤣

Thus far I haven’t come across too many struggles just yet, but as he grows I know it may get harder. I’ve taught him how important it is to open doors and pump gas, which he actually does a great job of doing! Some times he needs a reminder but most times he’s right on it. Funny story: we’re coming out of the store and he’s holding open the door for a lady... she tells him “You don’t have to hold it thank you” but i told her “Yes he does”.

After she walks in Kayden said “Why she didn’t want me to hold the door open? She must be a tomboy!” I fell out, he’s hilarious.

Even though the killing of black men is nothing new, with camera phones and social media it’s more publicized which makes it hard to deal with while raising a black son. Kayden had such a hard time dealing with it and at times I don’t know if I was able to really connect with him on how he was feeling. Of course watching this play out on TV was hard for me but my feelings were on the other side, the mother side of me being scared for him. I wish and hope one day he will open up to the men in his life about how he’s feeling (if he has not already and i just don’t know)

As his mother can I even teach him to be strong and firm, can I answer any questions he may have about being a man? These things run through my mind almost every day. It doesn’t matter how much I teach him IF he’s not seeing it. I wanna be the lovable mom, not the stern and lovable mom. That could be confusing, cause I sure can’t be the masculine influence he needs.

There are times when I’ve felt as if I’m being too soft on him trying to compensate for what he’s missing and it’s hard for me to find that balance at times. I can admit it, it’s hard but I’m doing my best.

What are some struggles you’re having as a single mom raising a son! Tell me below so we can discuss

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