Should I Go Full Mommy??

Kimara started her first job and I could not be more proud of her, my 15 year old working college student. Now she will be able to understand the value of money, and see just how fast it comes it can be gone! As she was growing up we've always played around with money so she can learn how to spend/save. She got an allowance and had to pay rent (her room) $3 and her pone bill $1.50 plus she had to save $5 a month BUT this time it will be for real.

During her interview the lady said that typically they don't like bright hair which I totally understand because during cheer season shes not allowed to have it either! Her hair is red ambre for those that don't know. But she told her since it has to be pulled back in a ponytail it will be ok. Alright so boom no issue, she goes to work the first 2 days with no issue and the 3rd day the Supervisor tells her " I hate repeating myself, i have told you to put your hair in a bun, look at her hair it needs to be like that" . I put quotes but I did not hear the conversation, they are just my daughters words. Ok in my mind strike one, you will not speak to my child in that matter. Also in my mind I've been a teenager and we can tend to exaggerate, especially if we don't like what were hearing. I don't want Kimara to feel like I don't believe her or I'm not on her side. So I take it in and just keep notes!

Wait... Wait... Wait back to her first day! She had on Khaki jean pants, mind you we went to literally 4 stores just to find those pants. The Supervisor tells Kimara " You can not wear jean Khaki, I don't let my old employees wear them so why would I let you? Again my daughters words. None the less by this point I'm NOT pleased with this woman. Then the next issue on Kimara's second day on the register (still in training) one hour into her schedule, the Supervisor pulls her off the register and tells her she is not friendly enough or loud enough (they are wearing masks) so she is sending her home to think about it. But never told her when to come back. Now you trust my daughter who is 15 and working her first job ever on the register by her self after having only 2-3 hours of watching a co-worker but you send her home instead of explaining to her on what you need out of her...

Please tell me how this is training, instead of showing her the ropes and telling her how its done or even a first warning she shuts her down. Of course as a mother I want to march into there and tell this lady about her self. But how does that really look, probably not the best right? So I leave it in my daughters hands. Troy on the other hand was super pissed, he wants her to quit. However I do not want Kimara to get used to running when things are hard, because in the real world it only gets harder.

As I'm working yesterday she comes to me and says how her shyness may be affecting her a little bit, I'm her mother I ALREADY KNEW that was the case. She also asked "How do I tell them I don't want to work there anymore" I told her to tell me what she thinks is the best way. How is she gong to learn if I give her all the answers, she has to learn how to think on her own. Then she also said that she would apply at another place hiring.

I'm glad she is keeping her option open BUT I asked her "If you know being shy is your issue, what is going to change just from going to a new place" she paused and looked at me and said "Yes that's true, hmmm". I know she wants to practice coming out of her shell, but now her dilemma was how will she do that because of course she is comfortable with everyone in her own home so that wont help her out of her shell.

The only reason I asked her all these questions was to make her think, its totally up to her how she wants the end result to go. Because she is not forced to work, she simply just wants too. I Told her to sleep on it before she decides to quit, AND REALLY think it through. I know she will make the right decision for her, I just dont want her to make it off of impulse!

How would you handle this situation? Am I doing the right thing? Please Comment below....

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