Missing her!

When I moved to Georgia at the end of 2006 Kimara was 2 years old and had NEVER been away from me longer than 24 hours (IF that). As many of you know we basically grew up together so we were very attached! That following summer she went to Kansas City for the summer and it felt like my life was OVER. I was calling every minute of every day. Honestly I did not know that it would be that bad, I was thinking I’d get a nice break. Fooled myself on that.

When I went to pick her up, mannn I cried like a baby soon as she hit my arms. Who knew you could love something so little so much haha! Of course she was looking like ok lady get off me. I think I thought she would forget me after being gone, for what seemed like eternity for me so I can only imagine how long it felt for her. It also crossed my mind, did she think i abandon her. It did take a few minutes for her to realize who I was BUT I think maybe it was due to my ugly cry face. None the less she knew I was momma right away.

Last week, now almost 17 she went to Chicago which she does every summer for 2 weeks but I’ve been missing her like crazy. Which I always miss her but something about this time I want to call her all day and check on her. Maybe due to quarantine we’ve gotten closer. But I feel like I did when she left at 2. Funny thing is she’s actually been calling me at least 3 times a day so she must miss me as well.

This time around I think I might be a little scared and sad because I know that next summer she won’t just be leaving to visit her family but she’ll be going off to college!!! What am I going to do with out her, will she remember everything I taught her, will she be able to survive alone... Those are just some of the questions that keep running through my mind.

When becoming a parent they don’t tell you about this stage of parenting! As much as I feel like I’ve taught her well it still worries me that she’s leaving me, the world is a scary place.

For most of our kids lives we prepare them to be ready for the real world. BUT we never prepare ourselves, after 17-18 years of total mommy mode when they leave we have to find ourselves all over again. I was not prepared for this whatsoever. Luckily I have a few years to become Krystle again before Kayden goes off to college!

Are you preparing yourself? And or if you have college students already how are you handling it?

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