Meet Shannon Riley- Married mother of 3

Updated: May 24, 2020

Read how Shannon and her husband deal with bi-racial children in this day and age.

Growing up did you always date outside of your race or was your husband the first time?

No, I never dated outside my race and truthfully had no desire to. I was shocked when I met my husband because he was nowhere in MY plans, but as they say God laughs 

at your plans.

Growing up with in different “cultures” do you find times where your parenting conflicts with your husband?

Yes at times it can, but we are very open with our communication and bringing situations to the discussion table on what works for our household.

When my daughter was young she called her dads mother the "black" grandma and my mother the "white" grandma, even though my moms not white lol!   Have your children made any comments or had questions on the difference in mommy and daddy?


That is funny lol kids are so innocent. My oldest who is now 7 just started having people ask her questions about her mom being black and dad being white. She just thinks it’s normal and doesn’t make a big deal out of it she’s just like yeah my moms brown. I have recently started having more conversations with her about her being mixed and what that means. She also sees it more because there are quite a few biracial children at her school. None of my kids bring up the difference of color but we are prepared to cross that bridge when it comes up.

Being a mother of black sons with the way police brutality is, can be frightening. With the father of your boys being white and when the time is right how will you all handle that conversation with your boys ?

My husband and I have had this conversation, and it’s a conversation that has to stay an open dialogue. We know when it comes to our boys the world will see them as black, and it’s a tough conversation to have but it’s a conversation that we will have to sit down and keep having with the boys. I def pray when the time comes for us to sit them down and have that conversation the Lord will guide us through that conversation and we are going to be open and truthful with them.

I watched a show on Netflix called Family reunion, the daughter of a mixed mother and black father liked a white boy but was afraid to admit it due to what others may say! Did this issue ever come about for you? If so how did you handle it and what advice would you give anyone else who is “afraid” to date out of their race due to what others may say!

I laugh at this because at the time we were dating I had the biggest problem with it. My mom sisters and friends were like so what he’s white. Like I mentioned before it wasn’t in my plans, but God knows exactly what we need it has taught me a lot about myself. It has taught me that I fell in love with a person who happened to be white. He’s my person no matter what his color is do we still get looks when we are out?

Absolutely I just no longer care. I can’t live my life caring about other peoples opinions what God has for me is for me. My advice to those who are afraid to date outside their race due to outside opinions, you never know the blessings you could be blocking    from caring about people’s opinions. They aren’t living your life or paying your bills so what they think or say is none of your business that’s on them not on you! Love is beautiful don’t try to keep it inside a box that could have you missing out on the beauty and fullness life has for you.

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