Meet Miracelle Smith mother of 5

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

How old were your kids when you signed up for The Military? 

Micll’e (Mikey) was 2 years old when I decided to enlist in the military my other kids were not even thought of at the time lol

Leaving your kids is never easy, how did you get through boot camp being away from your son while he was such a young age? 

PRAYER. I kid you not, I was on my knees praying everyday through basic training and tech school. I came home twice in that 8 month period and visit number 2 was extremely hard. My son did not remember who I was, he didn’t embrace me, and for a moment I thought he was actually scared of me. I balled like a baby to my parents who were keeping good care of my son in my absence. I knew I had made the best choice, but in the moment it felt wrong. Ten years in August and it’s been a really amazing ride.

What are some things you missed out on as far as your son from being away?

 Being away those 8 months, I missed my son’s 3rd birthday as well as him potty training. My parents thankfully had my twin sisters (born the exact same day as my son) to care for as well, so they all had each other to love and play with while I was away. It was extremely hard emotionally to miss out on those milestones, but again remembering over and over why I enlisted helped me through. My son was and still is my why.

How many years have you been enlisted now? And do you ever worry about being deployed? 

I have been in TEN years! Glory to God! I would have never thought this would be my life, but I’ve only had the best experiences (and some sucky ones) since I’ve joined. This is a BIG year for me. When it comes to deployment I don’t really worry. It’s one of those things that as a service member you know is inevitable, I’ve been on the list several times (hadn’t had to go just yet). I speak with my kids often about the possibilities and what that would mean for them. I’m thankful for the strong support system I have and I know my kids are in great hands. One thing I’ve learned growing up in parenthood and in the military is that kids are so resilient. 

How many kids do you have now? 

Shout out to my husband, F-I-V-E now! I can’t believe that at times, but in high school I use to always tell everyone that I wanted ten kids!! The bigger the family the bigger the memories for me and trust there is never a dull moment. I’m thankful for my bio kids as well as my bonus kids.  Mikey, Kennedy, Jayden, Taylor, and Jasten I love you!

Since you’re so busy with work, the military and your other ventures what are some of the ways you like to spend time with your boys? 

I enjoy spending time with my kids after school/work and off days by getting outside! I have to be outside whether we are all walking/running, bike riding, swimming in the river behind our house, going to the movies, arts and crafts (I love creating stuff), and my absolute favorite…Traveling. If I can get my kids to as many places as I can and show them life outside of their normal I give them the opportunity to really open their eyes. Mikey wants to move to Canada when he gets older (so I grabbed him a Canadian flag for his room), God willing we will be in Canada together soon. 

If you could go back in time knowing all you know now would you still enroll in the military? Why or why not?

 I would probably not go back into the military if I could do things differently knowing what I know now. Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret it, but I would have worked harder to work for myself in the real estate/investment realm. I came in at a time where I needed a major life change and it definitely served/serving its purpose in my life. My kids look up to me in my uniform and my ultimate goal is to make them

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