Kids with anxiety

We focus so much on our own stresses that we forget our kids can become stressed as well. I’m sure a time or two we have said or heard someone tell their kids “you’re a kid, you don’t have nothing to stress about!”

That couldn’t be more far from the truth. Given, their stresses may not be as “deep” as ours but that does not mean they don’t have them. Growing up we did not have access to EVERYTHING that they do now, nor the influence of the internet and we definitely didn’t have to live through a pandemic.

Social media has put so much on our kids at a young age, as much as we monitor or put blocks on, they are able to see. The devils of the internet still make a way to get through those blocks. There are so many pressures and “standards” they try to live up to by what they see that it’s causing self esteem issues. Let’s not forget the bullying that goes on social media! In every situation these days a camera is brought out and the footage goes straight to social media for the world to see...

The past year Covid caused our kids to be isolated from their peers throwing them rapidly into virtual learning. I can’t even imagine how bad that was for students just entering school or the ones about to exit. Most events like prom and graduations were canceled ruining their school experiences. That is something they can never get back.

Just imagine the social anxiety that it may cause them as they start to re enter back to school this following year. Even the ones that returned this current year that have got accustomed to the more one on one attention, empty hallways and quiet classrooms. Next year will be a shock to them as well.

When is the last time you asked your child how they were doing mentally?

Anxiety is a emotional response that happens when we become overwhelmed, or fearing like we’re not in control. It is a response we send to the subconscious part of the brain that automatically monitors and runs out body.

Common symptoms to pay attention too:


-Loss of concentration

-Avoidance behaviors

-Sleep Disturbance

-Bed wetting



-Intrusive thoughts

If you have noticed any of these behaviors in your children here are some ways to relieve anxiety/ stress.

-Be flexible, be open to the grey areas.

-Distract them from the stressors; find a hobby

-Meditation, deep breathing and relaxing

-Keep a journal to release all negative energy

-Get enough sleep

-Develop realistic goals big or small

-Good nutrition

Find ways you and your children can work on these together! During the mornings my son and I stretch and listen to meditation/ Affirmation. With him I try to get ahead of stresses. How we wake up is usually how we finish. With my daughter at night we try and work out even if it’s only 15 min of squats and crunches, it allows us to release the stresses of the day. Which also helps us to sleep better!

Fighting anxiety may be hard however with hard work and finding the core of it, it can be very manageable!!

Have you or are you dealing with kids that have anxiety?

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