Happy Mother’s Day to ME

So I booked a trip to Denver, ALONE!! Yup Happy Mother’s Day to my damn self. I use to think why would I not want to be with my kids on Mother’s Day, but this year whew that thought was far from my mind! This was meant to be the recharge that I needed.

Normally going on trips I have to worry about everyone’s bags being packed, have check lists, id’s etc etc. It was very different packing for myself. I didn’t have to drag kids along through the airport, keep saying “put your mask on” or check to make sure everyone used the restroom. Listen to this I made it through security the fastest I’ve ever done, lol like I hit the easy button. Typically the kids will go back and forth about who’s going to sit by the window, didn’t hear any of that!! My seat was 26E smack dab in the middle, major eye roll. You just never know who you’re going to be seated by. But thank goodness my left and right were pleasant.

Usually I never really get good sleep on flights and usually forget my neck pillow. But I had it thankfully! Now all I can hope is that I was not snoring, even if I was ohhhh welll lol I needed those snores! I did warn them ahead of time though: “sorry if I snore y’all, this is my time away from my kids, I need it” . We all laughed and the left passenger offered us both snacks he had if we wanted some! How sweet right, trip off to a great start !

When I planned this trip I literally had no plans for when I got there, I just wanted that time to wake up with no alarm, not have to worry about work, taking anyone to practice and basically just have NO responsibilities. And I did just that!

It was amazing to be with my family that I hardly get to see. Plus spending time with my Grandma and great aunt gave me so much insight on life and relationships. It really help put things in perspective to not only realize but understand my part in situations I come into and how I could move and communicate better through them.

Getting away from the young souls in my house and being around some old souls was so refreshing! I can’t even begin to explain the refreshing feeling it was soaking up so much knowledge! The fact that it was just coming to me with out asking was the best part about it. Every where I went knowledge was being thrown at me, all on point. You know when you go to church for the first time in a long time and you feel like the pastor is speaking right to you... yea it was that feeling lol!

I suggest every mother single or not to plan a trip ALONE! No man, no friends no kids just you and yourself ! No plans just go with the flow and allow life to take its course.

During this time only your needs matter allowing you to find balance and peace from your normal daily life! Give yourself a chance to just be YOU! This trip I was allowed to be Krystle.. not mom, or babe just ME.

Honestly the kids probably needed the time away from me as well! Give them a chance to miss me and appreciate the things I do for them on a daily. After the first day I missed them but I did my best not to constantly contact them!!

The day returning back I totally felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders and will be making these trips happen more often. Even of it’s just a night in a nice hotel.

Have you ever taken a solo trip? And how did you feel after ??? Chime in... let’s talk! Scroll down and comment below!!!

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