Elizabeth Drone - First time mom to be

Updated: May 23, 2020

Meet Elizabeth Drone, married first time mom to be. Due Date 7/19/2020. 

How old are you Mrs. Drone?

I am 30 years old; I will be turning 31 August of 2020.

Being a new mother what are some of the areas you have concerns with?

My biggest concern being a new mom is that I'm not prepared as I would like to be. I have a lot of practice with babies and children of all ages being from a large family and having a ton of nieces and nephews. All that practice I'm sure will come in handy but it's nothing compared to having your own child and being a full-time parent. 

What do you think your advantages of having a child later in life are?What has been some of the advice you’ve got from friends and family around you who are already mothers? 

I think my advantages of having a child later on is that I have had time to; live life, travel, establish my career, enjoy my relationship, grow closer to God. I feel as though this moment in life for me the timing is as perfect as it is going to be.

What has been some of the advice you’ve got from friends and family around you who are already mothers? 

I’ve gotten so much advice but, some that really stuck with me so far is enjoy every moment of your child’s life because they grow up so fast.

Another is to take time to enjoy my marriage while it’s just the two of us, go out on dates and enjoy each other because the two of us will soon.

Do you think you and your husband will have the same parenting styles?

I think for the most part my husband and I will have very similar parenting styles. We were pretty much raised the same, we both grew up in very similar households with very similar set of rules and values.

Last but not least congratulations! What are you most excited about?


I am so excited about the whole process but mostly I am really looking forward to meeting my baby for the first time and to see his/her smile and hear his/her laugh. I’m excited to make life long memorizes with my new little family.   

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