Since I am no longer with either of my kids fathers and we live in a different state I try to make sure we have a open and healthy co-parent relationship! 

Things that help make a good co-parenting team

Keep the kids the top priority: NO matter how angry I am I would never keep my kids away from their father. They can form their own opinions based off of their relationship.. In fact there have been times I’ve had to force them to call their dad!

Continuous communication with the other parent: I do my best to make sure their dad is up to date with what’s going on in the kids life. Rather it’s about behavior, a school dance, health or whatever! Even if I don’t use their feed back lol I still want to keep them in the loop!

Recognize each other’s strengths: We all have flaws but instead of always throwing in their face how wrong they are or what they are not doing! I try to make sure when I see something good I let it be known! It’s also good to hear how they appreciate the mother I am!

Choosing my battles wisely: I’ll just say that an argument is only that IF there are 2 

Trying not to argue in front of the kids: I’d never want my kids to lose respect for their dad based on what they hear me say to them in an argument!

Not using the kid as a middle man: Never send messages through your kids, typically something will not get answered or the message never comes out how it was intended!

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