Black Lives Matter

With all of the madness going on in the world right now, these are some things I want my son to live by if he’s coming in contact with the police or just things he should know while growing into a respectable man!!

Do not walk around in a hoodie: don’t leave any reason for someone to think you look suspicious

When going into a store do not keep your hands in your pocket

Keep your receipt as you leave the store: Again do not give anyone an excuse to say you are or have stolen something 

Always let someone know where you are going: check in with your family

ALWAYS keep your ID on you 

When you get pulled over -Do not talk back  -Comply -Keep your hands in sight at all times  -Advise the cop of your moves and ask to reach for your I’d

Keep Faith over Fear -Prove nothing to no one but yourself -Remove yourself from situations/ friends that you know are bad -ALWAYS be proud of what you do -Last but not least know that you are strong and beautifully made 

Every morning when my son got on the bus I always told him “you are a KING be a LEADER” since school has been out I haven’t really told him this much. I need to get back into a routine of that!

The events with George Floyd really hit him hard (if you follow my social media)

I discussed there; how Kayden was waking up and going to sleep crying saying “It’s never going to stop why do they hate us so much” referring to the police.

As a mother this had to be the hardest pill to swallow! In his mind he hates the police and white people. I DO NOT want him to hate an entire race due to what he is currently seeing on TV and i also don’t want him in fear of these people. I have both in my family and of course he is in school with some, if he walks around angry then he is just as bad as them.

Thankfully he has not had a situation where he has been subject to racism. And I fear the day his beautiful cute face becomes fearful to others.

I want and pray that this fire my son has will help his generation find another way to try fixing these issues. NO we can’t change how someone feels but yes we can find a better way than anger.

Please list anything you have or plan to talk about with your son as they see and understanding what’s going on in the world.


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